# Contributing to Goyave

Thank you very much for your time contributing to the Goyave framework!

  • When reporting an issue, please use one of the available issue templates.
  • For pull requests, please use the pull request template and select the develop branch as target branch.
    • Ensure that the submitted code works, is documented, respects the Golang coding style and is covered by tests. All new pull requests will be automatically tested.
    • The project is linted using golangci-lint and the configuration defined in .golangci.yml.
    • Update the documentation if needed, but don't build it.

# Financial support

I have many ideas for the future of Goyave. I would be infinitely grateful to whoever want to support me and let me continue working on Goyave and making it better and better.

You can support me on Patreon.

Become a Patron!

I'm very grateful to my patron:

  • Ben Hyrman